Lukas Boer

Welcome to my webpage!

I am an Economist (EP) at the IMF in the Open-Economy Macroeconomics Division of the Research Department. My research interests are international macroeconomics, commodity markets, the clean energy transition, and applied time series analysis. I hold a PhD from Humboldt-Universität Berlin and have worked as a research associate at the DIW Berlin (German Institute for Economic Research).


  • I will present "Energy Transition Metals: Bottleneck for Net-Zero Emission" (joint with Andrea Pescatori and Martin Stuermer) in the AEA Paper Session on "Climate Adaptation" in New Orleans (Jan 6-8).

  • "The Multifaceted Impact of US Trade Policy on Financial Markets" (joint with Lukas Menkhoff and Malte Rieth) has been published in the Journal of Applied Econometrics.


Lukas Boer

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